Writing on software engineering and accessibility.

A collection my thoughts, tips, and tutorials on a range of topics. Learning programming never came easy to me and my hope is that my writing can help others who are struggling.

My Journey with Web Accessibility

Join me in a reflective exploration as I share my experiences and lessons learned during my two-year journey as an accessibility engineer. In this post, I take a candid look at how it all began, the progress made, and the ups and downs along the way. From successes to failures, I offer an honest account of the challenges faced and the growth achieved in the dynamic field of accessibility.

The CSS Box Model

The CSS box model is a fundamental but often misunderstood aspect of web development. Have you ever created a few pieces of UI, carefully crafting all the details, only to get something vastly different from what you expected? Let's take a deep dive into why this can happen.

Why Do Arrays Start at Zero?

Every new beginner to programming has a moment when learning about the array data structure where they find themselves wondering, why? I don't count anything else from zero? Let's talk abou the historical reasoning for this.

The Unfair Standard for ChatGPT

The evolving hype around artificial intelligence that had already been steadily building was skyrocketed to the forefront by the open beta of ChatGPT and everyone has an opinion about it. But are we holding AI to an unfair standard?

Find Your Local Machine's IP Address

When testing your work across multiple device types, it can be extremely helpful to access your local development server across the network. Let's take a look at a fast and easy way to get this information.