Hi! I'm Jody LeCompte and I am a full-stack developer, writer, marketer, and aspiring public speaker.

I’ve written code almost longer than I can remember. With the assistance of my dad, an amateur early webmaster during the glorious age of GeoCities, I began learning HTML at around 9 years old.

Inspired by the dynamic nature of NeoPets and curiosity around how things like login, points, Flash games, and the various features of the site worked compared to my knowledge of static sites only, I began learning PHP around the age of 13.

Fast forward a "few" years, I'm a senior full stack developer specializing in TypeScript, React, NextJS, and web accessibility. I gave my first two online talks in December(2021) and February (2022) followed by my first in-person talk in June of 2022. I hope to continue honing my skills and speak at a mainstream tech conference soon.

On the rare occasion that I'm both away from my computer and not spending time with my family (two young boys and mama bear), you can find me in the kitchen brewing home-made beer and wine or by the local neighborhood fishing pole with a cigar in my hand and a "here fishy fishy" prayer on the wind.