I’m Jody LeCompte, an unapologetically nerdy software developer from South Louisiana.

I was introduced to web development at an extremely early age by my dad, who taught me the basics of HTML and helped me to build my Pokemon themed website. I was hooked instantly.

Fast forward a couple of years, I was introduced to NeoPets by some school friends and realized how small my fishbowl was. My understanding was limited to boxes of boxes and changing their color, and an exceptionally masterful use of marquee. How is this login working? How does the site remember how many neopoints I have? What does a .phtml extension mean?

This lead me to discover PHP and things snowballed from there. I spent my teenage years soaking up as much knowledge as I could and preferred building and creating to most other activities. In an extremely ironic twist, a friend I made on NeoPets years before contacted me about a PHP gig which officially launched my professional career.

Today, I'm quickly approaching my ten year anniversary in the industry and I've had the privilege of working with some really great and talented people along the way and work in a multitude of technology and stack options. I love learning new things and experimenting with new technology, but most of my work the last few years has been centered around JavaScript technologies and writing full-stack software in TypeScript, React or Angular, and Node.