I’m Jody LeCompte, I live in New Orleans where write code and create content

I’ve been obsessed with creation and with computers for as long as I can remember. My dad was a "webmaster" (who remembers that term?) in the late 90's and after my curiosity got the best of me, he began teaching me HTML.

Fast forward some years later, I watched the internet become a massive thing so much more than I ever could have dreamed of it being as a kid who saw the internet as Flash games and discussion forums. I went from "study your math because you won't have a calculator every day" to carrying a super computer with the entirety of human knowledge in my back pocket. Funnily enough, it's also a calculator.

After high school, I spent many years honing my skills and working my way up from a support engineer working in a call center, before starting my journey as a professional developer working with popular PHP based stacks like CodeIgniter and Laravel.

Today, I have the best job in the world working as a full-stack developer specializing in TypeScript, React, and accessible design. When I'm not converting problems into solutions for my clients, I am working on sharing my experience and knowledge to help empower other developers to reach their full potential while I work to realize my own.