My Commitment to Accessibility

It is my firm believe that access to the information and utility of the internet and computer information systems is a core tenant of human rights for all people regardless of ability.

The more I study and immerse myself in accessible development practices, the less confident I feel proclaiming that any of my work is "completely accessible" because of the nearly infinite combinations of abilities, assistive technologies and tools, and users. For this reason, I see accessibility more like a continually shifting goal and target; not a static finish line.

But despite this, my commitment to you as a user of my website and/or software solutions is that I will always strive for maximum accessibility in everything I create to the best of my ability and current knowledge. I will also continue to hone my edge and keep myself informed of new trends, tools, specifications, or patterns that will improve the accessibility of everything I do.

If you encounter an issue in using this site or any of the software I produce / or am involved with, please let me by dropping me an email at so that I can figure out a way to accomodate you and other users who may encounter the same challenges.