My Commitment to Accessibility

It is my firm belief that accessibility is not just a nice to have feature or legal requirement, but a fundamental human right. We live in a time of unprecedented information availability with the collective of human knowledge tucked away in most of our pockets, and everyone should have equal opportunity and ability to take advantage of this.

This means I will do everything within my ability to ensure that accessibility is a primary consideration in all site features, development and updates. We select the third-party services and code deployed with careful consideration for accessibility and we will alwayws prioritize correcting or working around upstream issues where needed to ensure this goal is met.

I also recognize that accessibility is a moving target and not a singular finish line and that we may not always get it right for every user due to the near infinite combination of abilities, devices, assistive tools, and assistive technologies. If you feel we have missed the mark in a way that negatively affected your experience using this site, please let me know by sending us anemail or opening an issue on GitHub.

This website is developed in public and made freely avaiable as open source. Pull requests are always appreciated.