My Commitment to Accessibility

It is my firm belief that the democratization of information and the internet being accessible to all people irregardless of ability is not just simply a nice to have, but a core human right.

My commitment to accessibility for both this website as well as all of the things I create both as a hobbiest and a professional developer is to always strive to do as much as possible within my ability to create experiences that are as accessible as possible.

I also recognize that accessibility is not a checklist or a stationary target. The sheer diversity of abilities, assistive technology, and devices makes it impossible for anything to ever be 100% accessible, but I am equally committed to always looking to improve my skills and always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve things.

This website is regularly tested both with accessibility tools such as WAVE and Axe, but also manually tested with various assistive technology. I strive to maintain AA WCAG conformance across all pages and projects. If you notice an accessibility issue on this site or in anything I am involved in, please shoot me an email at Every issue reported that I am able to correct makes my small corner of the internet better for everyone.